Lenox finally has a new dining experience. The food and selection is what will allow Bennigan’s to continue bringing in new customers. If you are ever traveling to the area and are looking for a great place to eat without breaking the wallet, Bennigan’s is the place to go.

The Manhattan Beach Brewing Company is just what it sounds like. It is a restaurant that brews its own special and flavorful beers. However, do not let that fool you; this restaurant also has a great selection of wines and cocktails. No matter how good the drinks are, the food is even better. Manhattan Brewing Company has a diverse menu which is sure to offer something for everyone.

As with all of Armstrong’s ventures, the food is excellent and innovative. While there are menu items suited for dinner around me (grilled cheese, and some interesting takes on pigs in a blanket), the menu also has rockfish and lamb, and as to be expected, a thorough wine list. However, the prices are a bit more accessible than the famed Restaurant Eve.

Owned and managed by the Cavagnaro Family for over 70 years, Cavey’s is a culinary landmark in the state of Ct . Cavey’s is actually two restaurants in one. Upstairs, Northern Italian cuisine is served and downstairs, Classical- French cuisine is the format. Excellent food, beautiful decor and an extensive wine list are some of the reasons people flock to Cavey’s Restaurant in Manchester, Ct.