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The Right Choice of Frosting Can Make Any Birthday Cake Treat More Delicious

No birthday party is ever complete without a cake to bring everyone in attendance together. A great birthday cake treat will always help make memories and delight all those who get to enjoy it with others. When it comes to choosing a cake for a birthday party, the type of frosting that covers it will normally matter just as much as what lies beneath.

Many Types of Cake Frosting are Ready to Make Birthdays Special

Birthday cakes are often ornate, but even the simplest of them can be appealing and enjoyable. While it will always pay to put plenty of effort into the selection of the cake itself, the nature of the frosting that blankets it will always impact the overall experience significantly, as well.

Fortunately, there are plenty of delicious types of frosting that can be applied to birthday cakes to ensure deliciousness for all. Some of the types of frosting that are most commonly found on birthday cakes include:

  • Buttercream. A classic choice if there ever was one, buttercream is also one of the simplest kinds of cake frosting. With butter, sugar, and carefully selected additives being whipped together until a cream-like frosting emerges, buttercream is versatile and rich. Buttercream can be applied to many different types of cake to impressive effect, so long as its characteristic sweetness will be an asset. More birthday cakes end up being finished with buttercream frosting than any other option.
  • Seven-minute. Although buttercream does not require any cooking, there are other popular types of frosting that do. Probably best known of all of these is seven-minute frosting, a concoction that includes sugar and corn syrup. A classical meringue is used to turn the cooked solution that results into a frosting with body and sheen. A properly prepared seven-minute frosting will hold its shape nicely once it has been allowed to set.

There are Plenty of Other Frostings to Consider

With these being only a pair of the most popular kinds of frosting, no birthday cake ever needs to lack an appropriate covering. There are many other types of frosting that are widely available, each of which has its own interesting flavor, texture, and personality.